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Condition Element



To create a Condition it is necessary to have previously created a Path element and a Variable element.

Define Condition (if...)

  1. Select the Path you want to define a Condition.
  2. From the Properties panel, click the Define New Condition dropdown menu and select the desired Variable.
  3. Set the desired Variable state.

Define Condition


From 0.6, when selecting a path, it is possible to switch between matching ALL or ANY Conditions defined in the Path by clicking the highlighted word in the Properties panel.

Remove Condition

  • From the Properties panel, click the bin icon next to the desired Condition.

Delete Condition

Path Conditions Specificity (if...else)

The Storyteller considers paths with Conditions (if) more important than paths without (else). This simplifies storyworld composition, requiring the designer to define minimal path conditions, without having to manage additional negation state. When the Storyteller encounters open Paths, it will check for the Paths with Conditions (if), first. Otherwise, the Storyteller will process the Path(s) without (else).

In either case, if more than one Path is found (if or else), the Storyteller will pick an unweighted random.

If...else Conditions