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Passage Expressions

  1. From the Scene Map, open an event content by double-clicking Event excerpt. Alternatively hover over Event excerpt and click the edit button to open Event content.
  2. From the Event Content, type an open curly brace to format the inline text for entering an Expression.

Pressing tab inside an expression block will the move text cursor to the right and outside.

Supported Expression


The following expressions can currently be used. We are planning to add more and implement ways to ensure this process limits interruption of writing flow as little as possible.

// Identifiers: display value
{ aVariable }

// Conditional (Ternary)
{ stringVar == 'value' ? 'Truthy' : 'Falsy' }

// ==, =/=, <, <=, >, >=, supported
{numVar >= 0 ? 'Truthy' : 'Falsy' }

// Identifiers
{aNumVar =/= bNumVar ? aStringVar : bStringVar}

//Logical NOT
{!boolVar ? 'Truthy' : 'Falsy'}

Inspect Expressions

  1. From the Preview tab, click Expressions to higlight the Expressions featured indside the shown Event.
  2. Hover over the higlighted Expression to inspect.

By highlighting expressions is possible to detect errors.