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Importing Storyworlds

Elm Story supports import of the Elm Story storyworld format: portable JSON data based on our open schema.


  1. In the dashboard, click the import storyworld button.

Import storyworld Button

  1. Select the storyworld .json in the file explorer and click open.

Elm Story will append (Imported) to the end of the imported storyworld title. Open the storyworld in the editor to change the title.


storyworlds exported from Elm Story includes engine and schema version data.

Starting with 0.1.3, when importing storyworlds exported from older versions, Elm Story will attempt to upgrade the imported storyworld to the installed engine features.


Elm Story no longer supports storyworld data <= 0.1.2.

The original .json file will not be modified, but future exports will use the installed engine and schema versions.


Studio Doesn't Exist

storyworlds exported from Elm Story includes data about the parent studio.

If you import a storyworld to an installation of Elm Story, and the studio does not exist, you will be asked to confirm studio creation before the import can complete.

Import storyworld Studio


If the parent studio does exist, it is not necessary to first select the studio you want to import to. Elm Story will import and select the parent studio for you.

Storyworld Exists

If the storyworld you are importing already exists, Elm Story will inform you if the local, internal data is newer and ask you to confirm overwrite.

Import storyworld Exists

Validation Errors

As part of import processing, Elm Story validates storyworld data. If your storyworld fails validation, an error modal will display with a list of validation errors.

Import Error

You will also receive an error if you attempt to import storyworld data that Elm Story does not support.

Import Error Version

3rd Party Tools

The Elm Story storyworld format is open for 3rd party use and development.

Schema is hosted on NPM via the @elmstorygames/schema package.

If you wish for Elm Story Games to create an import/export plugin for your tool, consider sponsoring Elm Story and we will evaluate effort and prioritize (within reason) development for a future release.