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Managing Studios

It's common for designers to contribute to different organizations.

Studios accommodate this reality by keeping disparate storyworld libraries organized.


Future versions of Elm Story will leverage the Studio convention to enable collaboration, expand quality-based narrative support and more.

Create Studio

  1. Click the studio dropdown > create studio button.

Create Studio

  1. Name your studio and click save.

New Studio Modal

Select Studio

By default, Elm Story will automatically select your newly created studio.

Selected Studio

  1. Select a different studio by clicking the studio dropdown > desired studio.

Select Studio

Edit / Remove Studio

  1. With the desired studio selected, click the edit studio button.

Edit Studio

  1. To edit, make name adjustments and click save. To remove studio, click remove.

Edit / Remove Studio


Removing a studio will remove all associated studio storyworlds from the internal database.

Make sure to export storyworlds you wish to save outside of Elm Story.